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Our Vision

To provide a service of unequaled quality and professionalism so that we not only meet the needs of our Clients but exceed them, every time!

We Are Dedicated To

  • Professionalism
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Positive Thinking
  • Outstanding service

Your Professional Cleaning Alternative Commercial and Residential

What you can expect from Cleaning Excellence?

By using Cleaning Excellence, you can expect:

  • A professional relationship and an understanding of your specific cleaning needs.
  • Customised services that cater to your requirements.
  • A cheery smile and a positive attitude.
  • A highly experienced and knowledgeable Team of professionals.
  • Honesty and integrity.

We believe the quality of our work should be the only contract we need.

Our Key Services

Preschools & Schools

Children are our most precious responsibility, they are also professionals at making a mess just as we are at cleaning it up.


What would you rather do this weekend, spend hours cleaning or spend time with family and friends?


Nothing tells a person that you’re on top of your game like having a clean toilet!

Commercial Cleaning For many of your potential clients or customers your office or shop is the first point of contact. And first impressions count!
What your potential clients or customers see, and therefore think about your business, will strongly influence their decision to buy from you.
We at Cleaning Excellence can help you impress and even attract people to your business by helping you have the cleanest, most professional looking office or shop possible.
Nothing tells a person that you’re on top of your game like having a clean toilet! So call us today to ask how we can help you with any of the following services:

Full Office Cleans

Reception, waiting area, work stations, boardroom, kitchens, bathrooms, we can even monitor and stock toilet paper, hand towels, etc.

Retail Shop Clean

While your customers are waiting to be served they are looking around, they see those cobwebs on the ceiling and around the air-con vents, they see the dust and dirt around the registers, under the counter and on the shelves.”

Medical Centres

People expect their doctors’ rooms to be not only clean but sanitary. You expect your cleaner to know and understand the strict regulations and standards set by the government.

Window Cleans

What’s the point of windows if you can’t see through them?

Preschools and Schools

Having a professionally clean environment can be the difference between parents sending their children to your center or the center down the road.

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Residential Cleaning At Cleaning Excellence we can provide all your household cleaning needs, specialising in freeing up your precious time to spend on enjoyable activities in comfort because we have done all the tedious and repetitive cleaning jobs.

So let us give you piece of mind by making your house look spectacular while giving you back your time to enjoy your family and friends in your freshly cleaned home with the following services:

Regular House Cleans

Weekly or fortnightly cleans that free up your time to spend weekends with family and friends instead of cleaning.

After Party/Function Cleans

You worry about enjoying yourself, we’ll worry about the mess.

Bond Clean

For a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house the average time it takes to do a bond clean is 10 hours on top of packing and moving, do you really have the time …

Window Cleans

Have you got a great view of the countryside, beach or garden but can’t see it through all the dirt on your windows?

Detailed "One Off" Cleans

Looking for a spring clean of the whole house or just one room we can help.

Meet Our Team

Director, General Manager

Scott always tries to be better tomorrow than he was today. Better at servicing his clients needs. Better at building his Team of professional cleaners. Better at running a professional cleaning business.

Director, Admin & Accounts

Nicole is a deeply caring person who loves animals. She works hard to resolve client inquiries and keeping the office running in an efficient manner.

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